The Founders’ Fable Podcast

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know that nothing is traditional about building a startup. That’s why three friends (Dan, Dave, and Savannah) decided to sit down, start a podcast, and talk about the unconventional ways of starting a business. The team, as well as the occasional guest entrepreneur, will discuss mindset, advice, and startups in the Louisville area.

Ep 8 – Paul Ford

This month we’re speaking with Paul Ford: an insurtech expert who has several startups under his belt.

We’ll discuss exposure to entrepreneurs, corporate burnout, learning and working for who you are, finding direction vs having a plan, Louisville’s authenticity, relinquishing control, life’s escalator, keeping your clarity, and writing your own story.

Ep 7 – Greg Langdon

We’re mixing it up a bit! This episode we sit down with Greg Langdon: an investor & startup advisor whose helped over 100 startups in the Louisville area.

We’ll talk about the current Louisville startup scene (and where we hope it’s going),  how exits can lead to a virtuous cycle, what has and hasn’t changed with startups over the years, what the ‘3 legs of a startups’ are, how to run towards problems, and the importance of marketing and sales.

Ep 6 – Charley Miller

Our April episode has us meeting with Charley Miller.  He’s a well experienced founder with several industries under his belt whose currently devising systems for organizations to cultivate their work culture and measure collaboration in new ways.

Topics we covered include finding your timing, the importance of culture, pivoting and failure, being a finder, control vs connecting, finding the right momentum, and never looking down.

Ep 5 – Lydia Henshaw

For our Women’s history month episode, we’re sitting down with Lydia Henshaw. She’s the founder and CEO of MoxieGirl – a startup whose on a mission to grow 10 million mentally strong, confident girls.

This episode, we discuss the corporate world vs startup environments, letting go and being human, being passionate, finding your level of preparedness, the importance of early data, being a woman in business, and building the right partnerships.

Ep 4 – Steve Huey

Our 4th episode has us talking with Steve Huey: a Kentucky entrepreneurial Hall of Fame Mentor of the Year whose an expert in integrating cutting-edge technologies into existing markets.

Topics we cover include adapting, research, and passion. Our biggest topic is investment dollars: who should and shouldn’t take money, and the implications of that decision. 

Ep 3 – Brandon Powers

In our third episode of The Founders’ Fable, David, Dan, and Savannah *virtually* sit down with Brandon Powers. We’ll talk about his founder’s journey, MVPs, constraints on startups, the importance of research, setting expectations, and prototyping products.  implications of that decision. 

Ep 2 – John Williamson

In our second episode of The Founders’ Fable, David, Dan, and Savannah conduct their first interview. We talked with John Williamson on his founder’s journey, touching on investments, partnerships, skillsets, and sales.

Ep 1 – Introduction

In the first episode of The Founders’ Fable, David, Dan, and Savannah talk about what Slingshot Ventures is, the Louisville startup scene, and how this podcast can help you!

Slingshot, a software and app development company founded in 2005, wanted to create a way to help empower entrepreneurs with technology ideas.

By leveraging our expertise in designing and building tech products, we looked to partner with entrepreneurs, making their ideas a reality. We know starting a business is hard, and growing a business is harder.

As a result, Slingshot Ventures was born: the innovation and startup arm of Slingshot.

How does it work?

Bring a problem or idea for a company, and we’ll work with you to validate the idea, design the solution, and deliver the first version of your minimal viable product (MVP).

Along the way, we’ll collaborate with you on the brand, website, and go-to market strategy, getting in the trenches with you to land your first customers.